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One on the towns on South Coast of Durban, South Africa.

A large town by South African standards but has highly impregnable water - in the fact that 'Toti' has one of the highest ratios for teen pregnancy in South Africa. It seems at least 40% of all matriculating girls will fall pregnant either within their final year High School, or within the following two years.

In addition, 'Toti' suffers irrecoverably from STS - Small Town Syndrome. It seems regardless of how quiet you keep your activities or secrets, everyone knows exactly what happened 48 hours after.
Person One: Shit, so Roxanne's pregnant? My word... She's only just written Matric!

Person Two: Hectic hey?! She must be from Amanzimtoti! There's something in their water...

Person One: How on earth did you find out?

Person Two: Aah... you know. It's Toti. Everyone knows what's new regardless of how you try to hush it up.

Person One: Too true! That's Toti's STS for you.
ALS05 tarafından 6 Kasım 2010, Cumartesi
It's the layer of toilet paper you place to cover your shit when the toilet doesn't flush. It's a kind-hearted gesture to save the person who next goes into that cubicle the indignity of seeing your motherload.
Wesley: Whoa!!! I feel sorry for whoever goes in to that bathroom... The toilet wasn't flushing.

Kirsty: Oh man... Did you at least leave them a helipad?
ALS05 tarafından 13 Kasım 2010, Cumartesi
Small Town Syndrome

Living in a small town where one can keep no secrets. Yours and everyones life is the daily topic of gossip.
Person One: OMG!! So did you hear? Amanda tried to have those nasty teeth of hers corrected but the dentist said she was beyond help!

Person Two: Damn! Those teeth are moobi!! SO gross. How did you hear this?

Person One: Toti's got such hectic STS! I found out the usual way. My Aunt Sharon works at the coffee shop down the road. Well, she overheard Jade and Roxanne talking about how Jade's cousin heard Amanda's mom telling her hairdresser the whole story.
ALS05 tarafından 6 Kasım 2010, Cumartesi
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