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Ecosexuality is an sexy splinter of the environmental movement, Former Porn star Annie Sprinkle and her Lesbian Academic lover Beth Stephens are trying to change the out dated concept of "Mother Earth", to "Lover Earth." Because humans don't treat their mother's very well. This revoluation has a handful of different fronts.

1. Someone in a dating or relationship situation that is seeking environmentally and socially conscious partner(s). i.e. Someone who buys organic and drives a hybrid.

2. Using environmentally conscious sex toys such as: natural rubbers, organic lube, bamboo sheets and non toxic sex toys!

3. "Being in love with the Earth and giving and receiving pleasure with the nature. Exploring the eroticism, romance, sensuality/sexuality of nature." --Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens
1. Ecosexuality takes tree hugging to a whole new level.

2. Listen to the mating call of the crickets, it's evidence that all the sounds in nature are just animals trying to get laid.

4. After dancing naked in the woods we went to the creek and pleasured ourselves in the river rapids.

5. Ecosexuality is not a new movement, if you have alwaysed loved nature, you are ecosexual.
#tantra #sexuality #polyamory #ecology #environmentalism
Blisscoach tarafından 1 Aralık 2013, Pazar
POLYDAR N. the intuitive gift of observing someones non verbal behavior and determining their capacity to conduct honest multiple loving relationships.

"Polydar" is a conjugation of the words "Polyamory" and "Radar." Much like Gaydar or Spiderman's "Spidy" sense, the new term is used to refer to the intuitive gift of detecting someone's inclination or capacity to be in multiple loving relationships with the consent of everyone involved.
1. My Polydar went off as soon as that triad walked through the door.
2. I know she's married but my Polydar tells me there's something more going on.
3. Whenever I go to a cuddle partyTM it really puts a wrench in my polydar.
4. My lover Tahl has an overzealous Polydar and thinks everyone is poly.
5. My polydar is spot on and I can sniff a poly person from ten paces away.
#polyamory #gaydar #open #non-monogamy #poly
Blisscoach tarafından 19 Temmuz 2012, Perşembe
A quad is an abbreviation for "quadruple" or four, but when refering to people, or polyamours lovers, "Fourple" could also be used to indicate four people who are equally in love with each other.
1. Co-anchor Dan Harris of ABC News recently did a story on Polyamory and said, "More couples opting to become triples or fourples. Live-in lovers spicing up the marital bed, even helping raise the children."
2. Showtime's hit docu-series, "Polyamory: Married & Dating" followed a triad in Los Angeles and a Fourple in san diego.

3. The fourple went everywhere and did everything together.
#polyamory #quad #triad #pod #ethical non monogamy
Blisscoach tarafından 1 Aralık 2013, Pazar
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