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In track, when a runner withdraws from a race before it begins. The term originated from the days when heat sheets were written on paper, and a runner's name would litterally be scratched off in pencil when he/she decided not to race.
I'm feeling tired today. I think I'm gonna run the mile, and scratch the 3000m.
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DukeT tarafından 24 Kasım 2010, Çarşamba
A biased, hateful, and ignorant blog written by an anonymous lesbo under the nickname "Dirt."

Dirt spends most of her time writing blog entries hating men, and especially female-to-male transsexuals (because they are becoming men). According to her, anyone who doesn't believe that only lesbian women should have rights is a misogynist. She is also infamous for deleting comments that disagree with her, which is unfortunate because if she didn't, she would have 100x the amount of comments.
Who the hell reads The dirt from Dirt, anyway? That bitch needs to stop blogging and get in the kitchen.
#dirt #lesbian #feminist #retard #kitchen
DukeT tarafından 24 Kasım 2010, Çarşamba
"Did Not Race"

DNR, often called a scratch, in track, refers to instances where an individual withdraws from the race before it begins. Not the same as DQ (or disqualification), in which a runner is removed after the start. Occasionally, in hand-timed races where there are less timers than runners, DNR will be used to indicate that a runner did not finish fast enough to have his/her time recorded.
He must scratched out before the start. It says DNR.
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DukeT tarafından 24 Kasım 2010, Çarşamba
A song by the alternative band Sherwood, as well as an anthem that almost everyone can relate to.

"The Town that you Live In" really is a deep and well thought out song. The change of seasons from the first verse to the second, with each verse looking forward to the next season, indicates that the singer is putting off his intentions: spring, fall, spring, fall, spring, fall, possibly forever. And the verse "I've chosen this life" indicates that he accepts his choices, however painful the ramifications may be.
I must say,

It's a nice day.
When the leaves start to turn,
There is so much to learn from the freeway.
You're my friend,
For the weekend.
When the spring comes around,

You can show me the town that you live in.

And tonight I walk through an empty street
With my shadow stretching in front of me.
Where my lonely thoughts meet my lonely feet,
And the cold reminds me that I've chosen this life.

I must say,
It's a nice day.
With the flowers in bloom,
There is so much to view from the freeway.
And we're friends,
For the weekend.
When the fall comes around,

You can show me the town that you live in.


So hang up the phone 'cause you're probably better alone...
#sherwood #the town that you live in #alternative #rock #music
DukeT tarafından 23 Kasım 2010, Salı
When you suddenly feel a compulsive need to add a definition to Urban Dictionary, usually after coining or re-defining a witty term or phrase.
Person 1: "So when I get disgusted and spit out my gum, I call it 'A case of the ickies'..."
Person 2: "Haha damn, we gotta share that with the world. I've got the Urban Itch."
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DukeT tarafından 23 Kasım 2010, Salı
A cocky, pompous, and predictable documentary about the cross country team of York High School in Illinois. The film was made in 2007 because the team had won 24 state titles in the past 45 years, and in the movie they win a 25th. The Long Green Line is absent of hard work, struggle, and adversity, and is, instead, a boring movie about a team that cruises to victory. To make matters worse, the runners are cocky, selfish, and several of them were arrested for arson and underage drinking. Unfortunately, this is the movie many non-runners associate with the sport of distance running.
Buddy: "You were a runner in high school?"
Me: "Yeah, I went to states in the 3200m."
Buddy: "Oh, cool...so you were like the guys in The Long Green Line?"
Me: "Umm no. For one thing, my state was WAY more competitive than theirs, and for another thing, I wasn't a complete douchebag."
#xc #cross country #the long green line #running #track
DukeT tarafından 23 Kasım 2010, Salı
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