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35 definitions by Frank Booth

a slang language spoken in Boonville, California
Boonters speak Boontling
Frank Booth tarafından 1 Ocak 2005, Cumartesi
28 11
a really crazy bitch who is a lesbian and a postmodern anti-feminist.

has been described as Ayn Rand on mushrooms
Camille Paglia, you are one crazy bitch.
Frank Booth tarafından 14 Ocak 2005, Cuma
50 35
A tune Sir Paul McCartney wrote when he was sixteen, and in which he appeared to see his future with eerie precognition.

In the song, he asks, "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four?" And now that he's sixty-four, we conveniently have our answer - a resounding NO! He and his wife, Heather Mills, are history, fo sho.
I stayed out till quarter of three and she locked the door. I knew that would happen when I wrote "When I'm Sixty-Four." - Sir Paul
Frank Booth tarafından 17 Mart 2007, Cumartesi
21 8
1) a lickspittle, a toady

2) one who cooperates with tyrrany.
Y'all think y'all're tough like your cowboy prez, but y'all just a buncha jackbootlickers.
Frank Booth tarafından 3 Ocak 2005, Pazartesi
20 7
a song and a dance with specific steps written and sung by an Atlanta wedding dj named Ted. He developed this dance because he didn't have enough participation songs on his playlist. He needed one that even idiots could do.
Okay everybody. Gather round. Quiet please! Okay! Now, if I can have the bride up front and all bridesmaids to the left of her, I'm gonna show you the BRIDE SLIDE!
Frank Booth tarafından 1 Ocak 2005, Cumartesi
19 8
candy (from boontling)
Hey, can I have a piece of your doolsey?
Frank Booth tarafından 1 Ocak 2005, Cumartesi
11 3
A profound expression on one's face that resembles that of a shit eat'n grin. Usually remains permanent at all times regardless of the situation. Dates back to an ancient Albanian custom to intimidate their enemies and daughter-in-laws. Has recently become a trend throughout the civilized world and has replaced breast augmentations as the number one plastic surgery procedure.
As the blackjack dealer sucked the last remaining chip from my stack, all she did was stare at me with that Becky Grin.
Frank Booth tarafından 21 Aralık 2004, Salı
19 11