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the unpleasant smell on one's fingers or penis after inserting them into an unclean or funky smelling vagina, or smelled just by putting one's face too close to or actually on it
"I went over to the girl's place, and we got into it. Once I got home, I realized I needed to wipe down my steering wheel because it smelled of pussy fumes."
highlyopinionated tarafından 30 Haziran 2013, Pazar
A raunchy comedienne that will have you laughing until you are in tears. Most of her material is about racial and sexual stereotypes. She is also reminiscent of the quintessential fag hag or guy pal because she will listen to all of a guy's smut whereas a sorority girl or a princess might walk away in disgust.
"Have you ever noticed that all of the artsy guys majoring in drama who look and act like they belong in a soap opera have a Lisa Lampanelli type in their collection of friends?"
"Yeah. I've seen that too."
highlyopinionated tarafından 8 Mayıs 2013, Çarşamba
a flippant term which can be used by anyone who is child-free, straight or gay, to describe those who have children ... and have earned this derisive label because of their general attitude of superiority toward those who do not have children
"Shit, what's with these friends who hit you up for a wedding gift, you don't hear from them, and then they resurface to hit you up for baby gifts?"
"What do you expect? That's typical breeder behavior."
highlyopinionated tarafından 7 Mayıs 2013, Salı
Dinner Party Faggot - a homosexual male, typically urban, sophisticated, and at least middle aged, who is on the dinner party circuit with other gay guys, and fag hags, where marveling over the dishes and the recipes is the norm. Probably can be done pot luck style, or by taking turns hosting.
"Oh man, there's this flamboyant DPF who works with me. He is always talking about the dinner parties he and his friends hold."

"Yeah, and someone would probably be rich if they had a dollar for every time someone said fabulous or festive about the different courses."
highlyopinionated tarafından 16 Mayıs 2013, Perşembe
a lesbian, because of the possible friction lesbians can experience by using their genitals or utilizing similar frottage techniques
"Dang, what do lesbians do to get off?"
"I don't know. They probably bump pussy."
"That would make them pussy bumpers."
highlyopinionated tarafından 4 Mayıs 2013, Cumartesi
Much larger than average penis attached to a black man. Might be their most important calling card. However, they cannot put it on their resume or, should I say, job application. They tend to be proud of it and use it for recreational purposes, though unwanted offspring who may never know them is often a by-product of this use.
"I swear. When you're at the gym, at least the white guys, and especially the Asians, wrap a towel around their waists when going from their lockers to the showers. But the black guys throw their towels over their shoulders. That way, their jungle dicks are on display."
highlyopinionated tarafından 20 Mayıs 2013, Pazartesi
obnoxious but better than average looking black girl who is accessorized and thinks her shit doesn't stink
When you've had enough of the loud young black girl on the bus acting stupid on her phone:
"Can you keep it down?"
"Why are you interrupting my convo?"
"Try being ghettofabulous somewhere else, ok?"
highlyopinionated tarafından 6 Mayıs 2013, Pazartesi

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