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30 definitions by JeVoNeR

an underground facility where a missle is hidden, and ready to be launched when notified
JeVoNeR tarafından 14 Eylül 2003, Pazar
1 6
a missle that was designed to shoot and destroy incomming missles
JeVoNeR tarafından 16 Eylül 2003, Salı
11 17
very sexy underwear
JeVoNeR tarafından 14 Eylül 2003, Pazar
93 108
a genre of music which basically an evolved form of disco if you think about it. it is mad up of synthesized drums and samples of beats. and sometimes has a girl singing.
some sub genre's of techno are rave,house,trance.
JeVoNeR tarafından 10 Aralık 2003, Çarşamba
6 29
dont bust a nut in her mouth so u dont get a taste of your own medicine

1. when a girl swallows your cum after a blow job, but pretends to swallow and then when you go to kiss her, she spits ur nut back in your mouth
JeVoNeR tarafından 6 Eylül 2003, Cumartesi
38 63
refer to "long horn"
new os by microsoft
JeVoNeR tarafından 9 Aralık 2003, Salı
4 56
the new operating system from microsoft that is in development, it is supposed to be the holy grail of operating systems, its 64 bit coded and mixed with a powerfull video card. this OS can do some damage.
in stores 2005
JeVoNeR tarafından 8 Aralık 2003, Pazartesi
3 61