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3 definitions by Julianne

1)Something good that happens

2)describing somthing cool
1)Hey I just got the last tickets to the concert. Sweet!

2)Oh man that concert was so sweet!
Julianne tarafından 5 Mart 2004, Cuma
A class of high school stereotype that includes teenage girls who drive such expensive cars as BMW's and carry around expensive designer purses made by such companies as Louis Vuitton.
"Sarah is such a Beamin Louis. The worst of it is that she flaunts it ALL the time"
Julianne tarafından 2 Temmuz 2004, Cuma
nice word for retarded
wow look at that silly kid over there!

quit acting silly...

that shirt looks silly on you
Julianne tarafından 17 Aralık 2003, Çarşamba