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A form of time wasting, generally done on sunny, warm afternoons in front of sororities. Loud music from large speakers, commonly called "frat blasters", is commonplace, along with tanning and looling about last night's shack.

During this time, sorority sisters make a point of using "sis" language, calling each other BFC, referring to things as "hawt", etc. Bikinis are often worn. Flip flops and shorts are also common apparel.

The point of Sororititting is to "sis out", represent your sorority, try and show off for passing guys, get tan, and improve on sorority skills such as, but not limited to, facebook creeping. Sororitit can also refer to someone who participates in Sororititting aka sorostitutes.

Sororititting is commonly judged on quality based on hawtness, tanness (or paleness), number of shirtless muscular bros that join us, and time the sororititting began and ended with full participation.
Ex1: "Girl, we were sororititting so hard, what a good way to spend a sunny day."

Ex2 "Lets sororitit when you're done with finals, I'm ready to get my tan on"
LTA ETA tarafından 11 Mayıs 2011, Çarşamba
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