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Playing pool, except replace the pool cues with the quivering, burning hot boners. Invented by several college students when they realized that the pool cues had been misappropriated. Before each shot, the player rub their sweating, urgent boners with blue chalk as a lubricant. If the player scratches, the it is termed a busted nut. Bouncing the ball off one or more of the walls is termed boner banking or more popularly the money shot. When one ball blocks another it is called a cock-block. Condoms are not allowed in boner pool. Only the man's raw, tense, sweating, sinewy boner will suffice. The winner of boner pool (or boner billiards in professional tournaments) is crowned King Dick.
James: Dammit. Ouch. I got chalk in my boner-hole.

Tyler: You got blue chalk in your moist boner-hole? That must burn.

Brandon: That is panty-moistening boner pool event.

Josh: My boner is so unwieldy.

Ian: Let me give you two hands.

Josh: You grab my boner towards the stalk, and I will maneuver my boner with both hands on the head. My thick bulbous mushroom head.

Tyler: Thrust with your ripped tight pelvis.

Brandon: You're very skillful. Where did you learn to handle a boner like that?

James: Church camp.
Marsha Brady Is Hot tarafından 20 Ekim 2006, Cuma
Chronic masturbation. Uncontrollable boner-lust, followed by humping any object within reach. The result of Longoing to long is having a crushed pelvis and imploded penis.
Man 1: Oh my God, he's at it again.

Man 2: What? Who?

Man 1: My roommate. He's Longoing. Again.

Man 2: Jesus, does he have, like a problem or something??

Man 1: He's like an animal. A monster.

Longo: What's going on fellas.

Man 2: Why is your hand bleeding?

Man 1: *silent disapproval*

Longo: You guys are douchebags.
Marsha Brady Is Hot tarafından 20 Ekim 2006, Cuma
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