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3 definitions by Molly Williams

extremely gay, therefore just about as gay as it gets.
Woah my friend, you ARE the homogay.
Molly Williams tarafından 3 Mart 2003, Pazartesi
77 44
To strum ones nugget is the same as flicking ones bean, or for those of you not fimiliar with these phrases...for a female to masterbate vigorously without artificial stimulation.
She got excited and felt the urge to strum her nugget
Molly Williams tarafından 6 Kasım 2003, Perşembe
21 5
Simple way to address someone, preferably those who are NOT black, and are one of your friends. It adds a new flavor to the word nigga.
Whattup niggabitch, let's go roll uptown. Dub.
Molly Williams tarafından 10 Mayıs 2004, Pazartesi
60 62