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31 definitions by Monique

An act of pissing on your lover for kicks. Ladies: if you get both a love dump AND a golden shower, count yourself lucky! Thats one special act of love.... lol
After a night of hot, vigorous sex, Jack decided to give Jill a golden shower, closely followed by a love dump...
Monique tarafından 12 Mart 2005, Cumartesi
53 70
dsl means dick sucking lips. usualy refers to a female. a female with dsl usualy can suck dick really well and is used to it
dam that girl has dsl!
monique tarafından 24 Mart 2005, Perşembe
12 30
The worst band to ever destroy songs... see Bohemian Rhapsody.

Code for Gay 4.
"OI, bruv, gotta get the new G4 innit? Its safe. The covers they do are fuckin crap! I need a laugh, innit?"
Monique tarafından 30 Mart 2005, Çarşamba
11 38
Alternative of shit
Holy shive, that boy in E Lunch is hott.
Monique tarafından 19 Eylül 2003, Cuma
2 31
The best hip hop artist since B.I.G., the sexiest black man alive, AND my baby's daddy!
None Needed
Monique tarafından 19 Mayıs 2003, Pazartesi
25 67
a sexual term said when one partner wants to give the other partner head.
Im so horny, can i give you pookey?
Monique tarafından 6 Aralık 2003, Cumartesi
19 73
ugly, but interesting
that thing is so cute!
monique tarafından 29 Mart 2004, Pazartesi
18 77