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4 definitions by OLA

a city in chigao where all the ghetto ppl live
Guy: where u reppin B?
Guy2: Shy-Town!
OLA tarafından 11 Temmuz 2005, Pazartesi
anything lacking quality or worth , useless worthless
Shakira is a Garbage-ass hoe!
ola tarafından 7 Şubat 2003, Cuma
A car which breaks down many times. The fact that it comes with tweeters makes up for everything that is bad with it though. Also mainly owned by women.
The tigra pulled up and all the girls said i wish i had that car.
Ola tarafından 30 Ekim 2003, Perşembe
a ignorant person that is busy doing retarded things; a idoit on the go
That go-tard really thinks he's doing something important
ola tarafından 7 Şubat 2003, Cuma