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One of the many forms of "creepers", a faction of pedophiles. Regarded as the "creepiest" of creepers, they get thier name for being those awkward old men you avoid at public water parks and pools. The creep factor stems from their almost see-through bathing suite,unhumanly hairy body, coke bottle glasses, heavy breathing and the fact that they are at the kiddy pool but don't have children. Be aware to not make eye contact with them or accept candy from them. They are often seen wearing water shoes and driving 1983 Chevy Astros and if they ask you to help them find their non-existant lost puppy RUN!
"I went to the YMCA and lurching around the mushroom pool was this total Water Park Creep and he asked me to help him find his puppy."
OperationOposition tarafından 30 Nisan 2009, Perşembe
Deep within the bowels of James River High School, four men belonging to the meanest clique in the white suburbs of Chesterfield, created what has been described as “ a dance that is a metaphor for the streets”. I speak of course of The Condor, a dance that takes skill, dedication, focus and a six foot wing span.

How To Do The Condor: First squat with your knees bowed out. Then balance on the toes of your feet like a triumphant predatory bird on the hunt. Finally, begin to flap your arms in a graceful yet aggressive manor like that of a Condor, letting everyone around you know you are a boss.

It’s best to do the Condor at Prom, pep rallies or in public places in the presence of strangers. Always begin any “car dance” with a solid 45 second Condor. Remember that by doing the Condor you are letting everyone within a 50 foot radius know that you are the shit, simply by paying homage to the greatest avian species on Earth. Long live the CONDOR!
"Wow, that kid is sick-tight at The Condor, I bet he gets all the ladies"
~ Anonymous
OperationOposition tarafından 26 Mayıs 2009, Salı
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