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1) It is a simple motion that consists of a person slightly jumping off the ground repeatedly fast while saying "Do the Dooty Doot"

2) Sexual context: a guy who is getting his dick sucked or is pounding some hot chick.

3) Drinking context: in reference to a guy or girl who is completely shitfaced and is dancing in a manner where there head is down, hand(s) up and are jumping. They are also most likely spilling their drink everywhere as they are about to blackout.
1) Brian: "Yo Kevin, do the dooty doot!"
Kevin: <quickly jumps up and down> "DO THE DOOTY DOOT!"

2) Brandon: "Hey, I think James is in his bedroom with that hot brunette!"
Justin: "Sounds like he is about to Do the Dooty Doot!"

3) Heather: "Holly shit, Nicole, look at Kathleen, she looks like she is going to blackout soon!"
Nicole: "She probably will considering she is doing the Dooty Doot!"
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SlamDunkonYou tarafından 8 Şubat 2011, Salı
Kits: The male reproductive part (AKA-pennis, dick, etc).

Kibbles: The female reproductive part (AKA-vagina, pussy, box, etc).

Men have the Kits and women have the Kibbles. Time and time again the Kibbles get" toasty" and need to be "roasted." In order for the transition to take place the Kits need to get all "riled up." Once the Kits are riled up, they can proceed to roast the hell outta the Kibbles (duration of roasting varies on the Kits and the Kibbles).
Example 1)
Frank: Bro I need to roast some kibbles real soon.
Brad: Well my man, in order to do that you gotta get your kits all riled up.
Frank: Very true, all I have to do is find some toasty kibbles in needing of a good roast!
Brad: It is the natural course of Kits and Kibbles

Examples 2)
Kayla: I really hope we find some cute guys at the bar tonight. My kibbles are so toasty it is ridiculous!

Taylor: OMG! Same here! At this point I don't even care who he is. Just as long as his kits are riled up then he can roast me for as loooong as he wants!
Kayla: Well, I mean, he has to be somewhat good looking, but I can't emphasize that any more than you did. Any guy who can thoroughly roast my kibbles will have me toasty all the time!
#sex #penis #vagina #fucking #guy #girl #hooking up #one-night stand
SlamDunkOnYou tarafından 12 Ağustos 2011, Cuma
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