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1. A non-sexual relationship between two men that are unusually close.

-verb -mans-ing
1. The act of wooing a fellow male friend for the purpose of becoming closer.
2. Going to unusual lengths in an attempt to become closer with another male friend.

also: "Bromancing the Stone"
1. The act of truly and thoroughly enjoying the process of getting and/or being high/stoned.

Provenance/Origin: "Bromance" is a portmanteau of the two words "brother" and "romance". Originally coined by author/editor Dave Carnie in "Big Brother Magazine." Big Brother was a sort of R rated skateboarding/skate culture magazine that was eventually purchased by Larry Flynt's Hustler conglomerate and consequently taken out of circulation due to unsatisfactory sales performance. Carnie used the word on several occasions to describe relationships between skate-buddies who spent a lot of time together and/or shared hotel rooms on every tour/skate road trip.
-As a noun: "Dude, those two guys spend so much time together. They are having quite the bromance."

-As a verb: "Andy has been treating Victor to every meal and cover charge for a month now. It's obvious that he is trying to bromance him."

-Bromancing the stone: "That Pete Doherty guy is definitely bromancing the stone!"
Willie Hellenbach (A.S.) tarafından 17 Mart 2007, Cumartesi
1. The British equivalent of the United State's "Wiggers," "Guidos (although these are by definition always of Italian descent-and I do mean descent)," or "total idiots."

While there are certain genuine sorts who talk the talk AND walk the walk (usually raised in actual rough neighborhoods), the American "chav" is almost always from an affluent suburb and descends from lilly-white, non-divorced, WASP parentage. The former is instantly recognizable by the "thousand mile stare" or "serial killer shark eyes" that they have. The latter is always recognizable by the "Chip n' Dales" male stripper air freshener that is hanging in their Mom's BMW (which they are trying to pretend is their own, and always refer to as "the Beamer").

2. The precise creature that Sacha Baron Cohen is mimicking and satirizing (to hilarious results) when in the character of "Ali G".
-Countless wanna-be DeeJays "spinning" in totally inappropriate Irish pubs (on Long Island) or at even more inappropriate "County Fairs" and "10th Annual Pig Breeding/Pumpkin Growing Festivals" (throughout the Midwest and antebellum South).

-Eminem might be a chav without his the talent.
Willie Hellenbach (A.S.) tarafından 17 Mart 2007, Cumartesi
A pound of marijuana (or kilo of cocaine or heroin) that is compacted into a cube, thus resembling a brick. This is a process that is usually done for the purpose of shipping and/or smuggling the substance.
see: Numerous Hip-Hop lyrics pertaining to "bricks" e.g. "Bricks on consignment", "I move mad bricks in the hood/on the block", "Chopping up bricks", "Cooking bricks".
Willie Hellenbach (A.S.) tarafından 17 Mart 2007, Cumartesi
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