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Those that knowingly try and publish definitions on word definition sites or of the like in order to make themselves the biggest homo on the planet by calling the rest of the world or a single soul a lover of the same sex. Often has poor taste and discriminator of everyday life. Assumes that the greatest people in the world would go gay for them. Often times get their ass beat and humiliated on their faggy YouTube channel if not already.

Usually these willful homos succeed in small accomplishments of their sexuality agreements and often gaze at the gay ads that always appear on the internet. Can be any racist or gender. Usually unstable under influences and within groups and should be kept away from view to prevent blindness.
"Looks like internet fags are publishing their gayness on March 23, 2010, guess they want their own pride holiday and a rod to go with it.

That internet fag is the biggest homo since that one guy on Baywatch.

Quick shield your eyes! That internet fag is blowing is own hole while they are online!

Hey check it out, some internet fags made up a definition about you. Let's go kick that bastard indians ass!"
campaignsaregaylikeyouhater tarafından 14 Kasım 2010, Pazar
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