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4 definitions by eysiz

Non-standard pronunciation of the number 50 (fifty), also used for the rapper 50 Cent.
"DJ Format, a producer and DJ who hails from Southampton, makes no secret of his dislike of current hip-hop and If You Can't Join 'em... Beat 'em is as un-Fiddy as is possible." (amazon.co.uk review of DJ Format's 2nd album)
eysiz tarafından 14 Nisan 2005, Perşembe
UK slang: electricity
Did they turn of the leccy coz you didn't pay the bill?
eysiz tarafından 10 Mart 2005, Perşembe
A humourous word for 'penis'.
"...like I'm shooting a gun
quickly - til it explodes
and I'll unload - THE CACTUS"
(3rd Bass - 'The Cactus')
eysiz tarafından 28 Kasım 2004, Pazar
to climax, reach sexual climax.
"don't bust a nut... stupid bitch" (Too Short)
eysiz tarafından 3 Mart 2005, Perşembe