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4 definitions by miamac

A severe form of autism characterized by obsessive interest in one's iPhone and disinterest in those around them.
I suspect that Steve's iTism will only worsen with the release of the iPhone 5G.
miamac tarafından 26 Ocak 2011, Çarşamba
6 0
To yell at or commit violence against a person or persons who have aggravated them as in the film 'Black Swan'.
I will totally swan out on the next person that ruffles my feathers.
miamac tarafından 21 Ocak 2011, Cuma
6 1

Unamusing; not entertaining.
As expected, my latest attempt at online dating was profoundly untertaining. Internyet!
miamac tarafından 14 Mart 2010, Pazar
5 0
When something is okay, but not earth shatteringly great.
That joke's not bad Steve, but it's not gonna wreck Japan.
miamac tarafından 25 Mart 2011, Cuma
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