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a male addicted to indiscriminate heterosexual acts
That vulva vulture has screwed every whore in Utah and is now laying siege to Sister Josephine!
philologue tarafından 5 Ekim 2011, Çarşamba
sexual metaphor
You'll find an extended clitophor on page twenty-seven
philologue tarafından 23 Ağustos 2011, Salı
Informed discussion of sexual partners, practices, variations, anatomy.
We had an extended clit crit session after surfing last Monday.
philologue tarafından 5 Ekim 2011, Çarşamba
one who has an intense aversion to the external female genitalia, or simply to their appearance
I love fucking Julie but her cunt's so ugly - I suppose I'm in the classic vulvophobe's dilemma.
philologue tarafından 5 Ekim 2011, Çarşamba
The process of becoming a highly desirable older woman
By her fortieth birthday Lucia's metamilfosis was complete.
philologue tarafından 17 Ağustos 2011, Çarşamba
Attractive older lady fond of outdoor pursuits
I often see that gorgeous windmilf up on the downs walking her dog
philologue tarafından 12 Ağustos 2011, Cuma
milf so desirable that premature ejaculation is inevitable
I was looking forward to a whole night of bliss, but she was a real four minute milf.
philologue tarafından 11 Ağustos 2011, Perşembe

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