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3 definitions by redemptionplease

abbreviation for 'topless tuesday'. it's used on tumblr.
anon: do a tt? :P
reply: no. ew.
redemptionplease tarafından 1 Mart 2011, Salı
It's a skateboarding ninja. ;D
Dude: hey look what i can do.
Guy: eh?
Dude: QK)8
Guy: D: wth man
Dude: How can you not see it's a ninja skateboarder!
Guy: -_- dumbass
redemptionplease tarafından 3 Nisan 2010, Cumartesi
Chuck Norris Bible
Person1: God is in the sky :)
Person2: No way, Chuck Norris is!
Person1: What?!

Person2: Jeez, have you not read the chible? dumbass "-_-
redemptionplease tarafından 10 Ağustos 2010, Salı