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slash wrist; The thing Emo kids do
Bob: How should i kill myself?
Tim: /Wrist
#emo #slash #wrist #suicide #chat room #emote
LS2k5 tarafından 20 Haziran 2006, Salı
Spoken, it's said "Slash wrists." It is used to show discontent.
A: Dude, I just caught my wife cheating on me with Brian.
B: Oh no way. /wrists!
#/killself #/ugh #/eww #/rists #/wristz
Kye tarafından 18 Haziran 2006, Pazar
an emote created for emo peoplez....
guy: i hate you
girl: /wrist
#emo #suicide #wrists #death #slash wrist
lycan dave the dark tarafından 31 Temmuz 2006, Pazartesi
/wrist, commonly referred to as a WoW emote created for and most likely by Emo (Emotion people, who absolutely hate their lives and just want to, well... /wrist) kids, adults.. etc.

Using this as an example, running from one side of the continent to the other side of the continent would take an extremely long time, and therefore making you want to kill yourself, by using a "/wrist command", now that the /wrist has moved in a vast variety of online games/online chat rooms is now used in the real life term (not by many) as a way of wanting to kill youself.
1) "Guy from the Internet sets their msn PM to /wrist"

Random dickhead wanting to know what it means: Hey dude, what does /wrist mean?

Emo guy: well if you took in the fact that it is pronounced "Slash Wrist" maybe you would learn something
#/wrist #slashwrist #slash wrist #emo #emotional #kill #suicide #sashwrist #commit #endanger
Elvenlight tarafından 9 Eylül 2009, Çarşamba
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