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A car that can run a ¼ mi. in 10.999 or less.
The 240sx and the Mustang had a good race because they were both 10-second-car's.
Balle24Life, Danny-Boi tarafından 9 Ekim 2004, Cumartesi
639 85

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A car that can complete a quarter mile starting from a standstill in 10 seconds or less
packed with 620 horses, the ferrari 599 gtb fiorano flies by the quarter mile marker making it a 10 second car
dew2229 tarafından 12 Mayıs 2009, Salı
162 38
A car that covers the 1/4 mile between 10.00 and 10.99 seconds
I only got to make one pass at the track last night in my Corvette, turns out it is a 10 second car after the new cylinder heads and cam. NHRA requires a roll bar for any car that fast
Autohaulic tarafından 20 Mart 2008, Perşembe
176 61
as one man grips the genitals of another, he fast and furiously stimulates the genitals while pretending to shift the gears of a manual transmission car.
Man 1: "You know you owe me a 10 second car, right?"

Man 2: "Vroom! Hope you don't mind if I grind your gears!"
Frenchy Davis tarafından 2 Nisan 2009, Perşembe
53 196
A car that goes 0 to anything over 60 in less then 10 seconds
obed has a 10 second car
obed tarafından 7 Kasım 2007, Çarşamba
31 389
Something easibly ubtainable for an american car powered by a V8. Something not so easy for an imported nissan sx with a 4 cylinder.
The Mustang and the nissan sx didnt have a close race because a nissan sx cant do anything under 14s.
Muscle Cars Own!!!!!!!! F those ricers lets blow them up.
sloppycory tarafından 12 Ağustos 2005, Cuma
171 769