a BAND (not boyband cuz they play instruments) consisting of 4 australian 16-18 year olds. THEY ARE SEX GODS!!!! Their names are Luke Hemmings (vocals, guitar), Calum Hood (vocals, bass guitar), Michael Clifford (guitar, vocals), and Ashton Irwin (drums, guitar). They are as hot as frickin Tartarus, and their accents alone can just blow up your ovaries. Then their singing, oh my gods. Their singing is shamazing. Think of one of the best bands that all sing ever, then multiply that awesomeness by 1000. Yup, that good. they're commonly known as 5SOS.
"Did you hear the australian dudes that sing Try Hard"
"Omg yes!!!! 5 Seconds Of Summer is like the best band ever! Luke is sooo........."
They continue to fangirl till they die.
crazy_fangirl tarafından 11 Ağustos 2013, Pazar
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5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) are an Australian band (not in the same category as boyband because they're all talented as shit as far as instruments) that consists of Luke Hemmings (vocals/guitar), Calum Hood (vocals/guitar), Michael Clifford (backing vocals/guitar), and Ashton Irwin (drums). Schoolmates Luke, Calum, and Michael formed 5sos in 2011, and Ashton was later added. They are the opening act for One Direction on the Take Me Home North American leg. Now, I could go all day about my feels and how much it hurts but I'll keep it at this: these boys are sex. their music is keeps me jamming. cake for life.
"Hey, what you think of 5 seconds of Summer?"
sixteenandugly tarafından 30 Haziran 2013, Pazar
An Aussie band including Luke Hemmings - Lead singer, Calum Hood - Bassist, Michael Clifford - lead guitarist, Ashton Irwin - Drummer, and Niall Horan - Volunteer Fan
"LET ME BE IN THE BAND" - Niall Horan/5 Seconds of Summer Volenteer Fan
Girly Girl11111 tarafından 1 Kasım 2013, Cuma
A quartet of horny Australian young people whose song topics range from MILFs, to mastrubation, to consensual sex. Members include Luke "Hair Game Strong" Hemmings (vocals/guitar), Michael "Level 9000" Clifford (vocals/guitar), Calum "The Funk" Hood (vocals/bass), and Ashton "Beatz Master" Irwin (vocals/drums).
P1: Have you heard about 5 es oh es?1??? I love them
P2: pls step away from me m'am
P1: you know, 5 Seconds of Summer, but the real fans call them 5 es oh es ;))))
P2: pls no pls you don't like them pls ur fake pls
pugbugpug tarafından 16 Ağustos 2014, Cumartesi
A sexy Aussie band. With members called Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings and are so hot you can fry and egg on them. They wear super skinny jeans and enjoy their leisure time.
You heard of that sexy ass band called 5 seconds of summer?
Paige123456 tarafından 15 Ekim 2013, Salı
That band with the 4 hot dudes from Australia.
Kid: Mom will you read me a bedtime story?
Me: okay, it started out a weekend in May
Kid: 5 seconds of summer Everytime mom
GallchobhairJ tarafından 28 Ocak 2015, Çarşamba
5 seconds of summer is a band originated in sydney, australia in 2011. the band consists off four aussie guys, luke hemmings (lead guitarist; guitarist), calum hood (vocalist; bassist), michael clifford (vocalist; guitarist), ashton irwin (vocalist; drummer). luke, calum, and michael all went to school at norwest christian college and decided to make a band, and then michael meeting drummer ashton at a party. from 2011 to 2012 5sos (pronounced 5 sauce) made covers of their favorite bands and songs. in 2012, louis tomlinson of one direction found 5sos on youtube and then invited them on their 2012-2013 "take me home" tour. in 2013, they were again invited to one directions "where we are" tour taking place in 2013-2014. in february 2014, 5sos released their hit single "she looks so perfect" gaining many new members of the 5sos fam and gained a lot of fame. they also realeased a hit called "dont stop" in may of 2014. in 2014-2015 5sos are going on their own headlining tour called "rock out with your socks out." 5sos are very inspiring people, give em' a listen.
"holy shit shut the fuck up 5 seconds of summer is on tv." jessica told her family.

"omg i love 5 es oh es!" acacia brinley exclaimed, right before a real 5sos fan came over and choked that bitch.
__ashtonn__ tarafından 1 Ocak 2015, Perşembe
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