An incredibly beautiful, intellegent girl. One who only comes around once in your life, one worth loving forever. Aimee is a person completely unmatched by any other human being on planet Earthh and has the heart of a Bradley> Now, Bradley's don't understand why Aimee's don't just drop Bradleys while they can, but Bradleys are happy because they always wanted an Aimee. Because, an Aimee, or one in particular, is the kind of girl... THe only girl worth spending a lot of time on. Aimee is onr of those girls who has good taste in clothes, music, food, and movies..> Wait, she is that one girl.
Wow, I've never seen an Aimee like that before. Her beauty is astounding!
#aimee #anne #david #pete #aims
TexasTeaMeOhMe tarafından 30 Kasım 2011, Çarşamba
A girl that is creative and beautiful. She can be shy at times but once you get to know her you'll see that she can be as open as possible. Others envy her style, her talent. She can be bitchy, she can over react, but she will be there for her friends.
Girl No.1: Oh, that girl is so pretty and talented! Who is she?
Girl No.2: She's Aimee, can't you tell by her style?
#stylish #pretty #talented #amy #amie #amiee #aimée
NameLordo tarafından 24 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi
Every mans dream, all the girls want to be her as she is popular and loved.
She is a party animal and loves attention.
Life would not be the same with out her.
Me and all the girls wish we was her.

Aimee is sexy.
#aimee #sexy #cool #popular #girls #party
anonanon1234 tarafından 1 Ekim 2013, Salı
A girl who normally has a hard time of finding herself. Sometimes outgoing, crazy obnoxious, loud. And other times very quiet, depressed, sad, angry, emotional, easy to cry.
"God, your such an Aimee. No one's as loud as her."

"If you turn emo on me, I'll call you an Aimee.
#amy #depressed #funny #sad #loud #internal harship
jesusfreak77771 tarafından 18 Ağustos 2008, Pazartesi
A beautiful, gorgeous, stunning. pretty, cute PERFECT girl. she gets the most attention of boys than any other girl. she has the best personality and everyone loves her. she usually goes for boys called liam, will, jake and anthony. she has an amazing smile, the best blue eyes and her figure is goals. any man who has her is the luckiest man alive. she likes gaming and music. she is a party babe and loves raving. her family is minted and she is so spoilt. she aslo likes rugby and football and likes to stay healthy. SHE IS 100% PERFECT
Aimee is perfect
Qaz135__ tarafından 19 Ekim 2015, Pazartesi
The word 'Aimee' simply replaces the word 'okay' in any given sentence or phrase. Aimee - being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
'Tamara, you fallen and the severity of your fall is unknown to me. Are you Aimee?!'
#aimme #singer #songwriter #freya #themask
ILoveAimee tarafından 14 Ekim 2012, Pazar
A girl that has various nick names due to her height, but is most comonly known to others as being quite a towel
Did you se how big of a towel miles was being" " yeah he was being a real aimee
#aim #ai ni #ai lao #ai ya #ai yo
hippyninja tarafından 22 Ocak 2011, Cumartesi
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