v. - to ejaculate

(O&A Show slang, ca. 2001)
I went to Grace Park and arced all over the hooker's face for some bezzle.
KarlFaust tarafından 23 Şubat 2005, Çarşamba
Top Definition
Advanced reader copy. A free, not-quite-final version of a book often distributed to reviewers or book convention attendees.
I loved getting to read an ARC of the next book of the series, but there were a bunch of typos in it.
zenzen tarafından 13 Mart 2008, Perşembe
A part of a story line. Used all the time by the web comics Jack and Idiots in the Park.
The new Idiots in the Park arc is hillarious!
Salvatore D'Addio tarafından 21 Şubat 2005, Pazartesi
A chapter in a story.
Did you read the new arc in "Jack"?
chem tarafından 3 Ağustos 2004, Salı
An incomplete circle.
A semicircle is an arc.
Keijiro tarafından 29 Ekim 2005, Cumartesi
An arc is the internal change the hero goes through in a story. It can be positive change of character — a happy ending - or a negative or no change — which gives us a tragedy.
The main character on "V For Vendetta" has an arc. She goes from being a normal everyday kind of a girl to a revolutionary.
AutumnLeaves tarafından 11 Nisan 2006, Salı
Asynchronous Romantic Connection. A text-based loving relationship, typically characterized by extreme distance, time zone or life circumstances keeping the partcipants apart.
It's been a drag since Carina was shipped overseas, but our ARC is strong -- so I'm hanging in!
jayseeare tarafından 3 Şubat 2015, Salı
The male act of slowly backing up while urinating into a toilet in order to aim slightly upward and achieve a half-circle appearance of urination into stated receptacle.
-"Hey, you spent a lot of time in there, what were you doing?"
-"I mastered the arc"
MMAextremehumping tarafından 7 Ocak 2011, Cuma

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