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Shortened "Ah yes" or "ah i see". To understand and comprehend. Also used by stereotyped Asians (like in James Bond) before every sentence.
Mista: Where did you get the teleco Van?
Hoodlum: Stole it.
Mista: Aso.
Mista Scribbla tarafından 20 Mart 2003, Perşembe
Probably the best shop ever in the world. Has everything you could even need and the nicest clothes :). Only downside is you can't try clothes on :/
hey, wheres your top from


ASOS, wtf is that??

ONLY the best ever shop? :o
itsmeee:) tarafından 31 Mart 2010, Çarşamba
And So On!
u'll need to buy books, manuals, .. aso
JamaicanPhilosopher tarafından 13 Temmuz 2010, Salı
as seen on screen
"do you like this top?

is that it?

yeah its asos"
jimmynapes tarafından 15 Ocak 2011, Cumartesi
Filipino word for Dog
-can be used as profanity
- an insult to somebody
" You're such an Aso"
J.Dez tarafından 6 Haziran 2005, Pazartesi
Hope and love for other people, A innocent person or a form of symbolism that is caring and hope for anything and everything.
Also a lost person misplaced
Your my aso.
flashback4465 tarafından 9 Şubat 2010, Salı
japanese word for whatever , said with bitchy attidude emphasizing the "so"
bob = "your ugly"
sally = "aso"
summercrayon tarafından 24 Haziran 2005, Cuma

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