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The act of being givin a hand job underneath a table at lunch.
Origin: St. Johns
Originater:Brian Baldini
Dude i so got a Baldini today at lunch.
Dude did you hear about how that teacher gave john a Baldini....o thts so gross shes so ugly
matt prince tarafından 7 Şubat 2008, Perşembe
Adjective. To get shit done quickly without any fuss.
"Did you see how quick he Baldini'd that mate? In and out like a shot"
Spurs Mad 82 tarafından 21 Haziran 2013, Cuma
one who admires himself in the mirror.
A person who empasises the S in this.
Flexing in the mirror jason said you want some of thissss?
Chachi tarafından 10 Temmuz 2003, Perşembe