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Two hours of rubber nipples.
Dude! Did you see that S&M film last night? It was like watching Batman And Robin all over again!
Paul Newman tarafından 8 Şubat 2004, Pazar
Either a term for a gay couple, or a man and a very young boy whom you suspect are engaging in sexual intercourse. If you spot the latter please report it to the local authorities.
Dude, I'm calling the cops cuz I see Batman and Robin, and Batman's grabbing Robin's ass!
Steve22 tarafından 6 Eylül 2005, Salı
the gayest movie EVER
Soo fucking gay. Batman and Robing is the gayest shit of all time
manningsgay tarafından 24 Eylül 2006, Pazar
Term for a homosexual couple.
Due to loneliness Jorge is interested in becoming a third party in a batman and robin sexcapades.
red21dragon tarafından 21 Ocak 2005, Cuma
A male homosexual couple characterized by a very masculine man(Batman) and a very effeminate man (Robin).
Batman and Robin:

Robin: Oh Batman, your big muscles and Batmobile are so fabulous!

Batman: Thanks, Robin, but let's keep this affair on the DL.
oiadubn tarafından 16 Mayıs 2007, Çarşamba
The worst batman movie ever
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Batman and robin?

Guy 2: Yeah, that movie fucking sucks
makabakachoop tarafından 15 Nisan 2014, Salı