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Badass Ukranian. Knows no fear, except for Chuck Norris
As he grabbed Tony around the neck and performed the bogdan hold tonys body went limp, and he soiled his pants.
Al-haliq Mohamed tuq-lifuuq Ha tarafından 9 Ocak 2010, Cumartesi
A tall, peaceful mother fuka(1). Looks weak and likes panzie soccer. Likes math but keeps it real with his hoez. Afraid of snakes and playa hataz(2). Likes class in women(3). Drinking before clubs is a must for him. Doesn't underestimate the predictability of stupidity(4). He thinks Romanians are the shit but he'z wrong. They're probably not. Preposterously sociable, aiight? 1/3 of his life revolves around music and that's cool...fukin fairy. Confident but self doubtful. Respects his enemies(5). Greatest fight within himself.
(1) "I like you. You like me?"
(2) "I'm a peace keepa but I have my goddam limits"
(3)"Nice shoez, wanna fuk?"
(4)"Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity."
(5)"Don't be diiiisin ME"
MysteryMan tarafından 24 Nisan 2005, Pazar
very sexy dark guy with nice buff arms =)
mmhhmmmm cant take ur eyes off
non ya biz tarafından 14 Ağustos 2004, Cumartesi
Smokes oregano and thinks its weed
Luca: Hows the weed? (oregano)
Bogdan: amazing yooooo
panteraowns tarafından 7 Ekim 2009, Çarşamba
A tall mother, who is from Bogledesh, and likes soccer, afraid of snakes and start the religion Bogledge.
The all might bogdan
BogdanGod tarafından 4 Kasım 2010, Perşembe
What a perfect bogdan!
Anonymous tarafından 10 Mayıs 2003, Cumartesi
What a Madcunt
Risky tarafından 18 Temmuz 2003, Cuma