A film starring Heath Ledger that caused his death.
In this film he gets his man cherry broke and must have liked it.
A couple of years after the film's release he couldn't deal
with his new found homosexuality and killed himself.
Brokeback Mountain or broke butt cherry mountain as it is sometimes referred to has become the pinnacle of obscene homosexuality.
A new age gay porn film.
Brucie: "Hey want to go watch gay porn?"
Billie: "What have you got? I've already seen brokeback mountain 3 times this week."
#butt cherry #gay #porn #heath ledger #movie
jsd96321 tarafından 30 Aralık 2011, Cuma
1.a word used to describe a dallas cowboys superbowl victory

2.a really game movie with really gay cowboys

dude that victory was a total brokeback mountain story
#dallas cowboys #gay #football #tony romo #gay movies
k1ller1abc tarafından 6 Eylül 2008, Cumartesi
Licking your hand and rubbing on your partner's asshole as lube for anal sex.

Inspired by, but not exclusively for the use of homosexuals.
Pat: Dave's Mum ain't gonna shit right for a week, I gave her a Brokeback Mountain last night.

George: Awesome.
#anal #man love #homosexual #lube #giggity
cheep81 tarafından 13 Eylül 2006, Çarşamba
The new word for gay.
You are brokeback mountain.
#gay #homo #homosexual #faggot #fag
bareback mount'em tarafından 14 Nisan 2006, Cuma
The gay cowboy movie with Heath Ledger
I saw Brokeback Mountain
#gay #cowboy #homo #pervert #gay sex
JuliB tarafından 6 Mart 2006, Pazartesi
A movie that is raved about because it shows a relationship between two gay men which causes people to look past its unoriginality and tedium and convinces them that it's cutting edge and daring
Brokeback Mountain might be unoriginal and stupid but we'll look tolerant of homosexuals if we give it an oscar!! -the mindset that got this movie awards
#brokeback #mountain #gay #cowboys #overrated #junk
DDSmith tarafından 16 Ağustos 2007, Perşembe
1. The Dallas Cowboys. Two of them which are named Tony Romo and Jason Witten.

2. A grossed out, gay ass porno movie that should have been renamed "Cornhole Canyon".

3. Sodomy.
1. Like who gives a shit about some gay ass Brokeback Mountain team from Texas where there is a bunch of steers and queers and some fat ass rednecks who eat up all the food and nee to lose weight. Fuckin pieces of Texas Trailer Park Trash! They are always gonna be second to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowls and always be the Philadelphia Eagles' bitch!

2. Brokeback Mountain. There were two cowboys that were straight, then went off to Brokeback Mountain until it soon turned into Cornhole Canyon.

3. Peter Griffin: Well, there once were two cowboys all alone out on a trail, and they discovered they could sleep with another male, and they're having gay sex, Cowboy gay sex, Sodomy! C'mon everybody, Sodomy! Sodomy! Sodomy.
#homo #dallas cowboys suck #gay #sodomy #family guy #cornhole canyon #faggots #steers and queers #rednecks #retards #bareback #cornhole #porno
rbermea tarafından 29 Eylül 2009, Salı
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