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A small unicorn-like creature that has, instead of a horn, a black erect penis mounted on its face. Despite the large penis, the mammals tend to be rather feminine in nature. This friendly nature allows any visitor to come ride it, and usually this is for only the small expense of their favourite snack, the banana. The Bucknie(plural form of Bucknall) are said to live around Edgevale Forest, and procreate through the Sending Dance of Zanarkand
"That Bucknall thing is fucked up."
#bucknall #unicorn #black #penis #bucknie #acne
Hotmogwai tarafından 15 Ağustos 2008, Cuma
A Northern woman who has a reputation for being northern. DO NOT
"That northern woman over there, she has got to be a bucknall"
#woman #northern #buckers #buck #elaine
OsagieDubstepBOXHEAD tarafından 22 Kasım 2011, Salı
A detergent used to remove hair from inside the Vaginal area with can cause inflammatory discomfort and a irregular smell.
(A green substance that if orally comsumed tastes like the devils semen) Usually in most chemists. Named A Bucknall Relief
#bucknall #devils #semen #inflammatory #vaginal
Vinstarrr tarafından 22 Nisan 2010, Perşembe
Someone who is obviously proud to be Gay
E.g Your bucknall, means, your proud to be a gay.
#bucknal #queer #gay #fag #bender
Jimmy Peeks tarafından 9 Mayıs 2007, Çarşamba
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