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A small mustache below the mouth and above the bottom of the chin; another word for soul patch.
Shave that Chacho off; it's not a mustache or a beard!
Dooba Doobason tarafından 4 Eylül 2010, Cumartesi
66 28
Latin American expression, derived from "muchacho". English equivalent: dude.
Can be used as a mark of affection or to indicate a strong emotion.
Chacho! You scared the shit out of me!
Loulmey tarafından 16 Kasım 2007, Cuma
92 73
a Group of bad-ass motherfuckin guys, that don't take shit from no one. They usually hunt in pairs of 3. It is said that they posses powers beyond human understanding.
Them chachos are the shit!!!!1!
Doodgy tarafından 21 Kasım 2011, Pazartesi
16 1
Similar to nachos but the salsa on the tortilla chips is replaced with chili. The word is derived from a combination of the words chili and nachos.
Patrick loves to eat chachos!
Morthanfaith tarafından 5 Nisan 2010, Pazartesi
3 7
Short for Muchacho in Spanish. Muchacho is slang for boy or guy.
Whattup chacho?
You're my chacho!
Danny Boy tarafından 1 Mayıs 2003, Perşembe
62 67
Notorious mispronunciation of the word "chaos".
Girl: "And then there was a lot of chachos!"

Boy: "Nuclear war will only create more chachos."

Stacii tarafından 23 Ekim 2006, Pazartesi
2 8
A hypocrite who can't spell
I was totally browsing these forums, and I came across a dude who couldn't spell for crap and was completely making no sense, always being a hypocrite. He was such a Chacho!
ChachoJones tarafından 27 Haziran 2011, Pazartesi
14 34