(sit-ee gurl) n. A term generally used by delusional, suburban/rural females that have moved to any major city to describe themselves mostly due to the fact that they are ashamed of and/or running away from their past. Its obvious usage is for self-convincing and/or to impress the people they grew-up with in suburbia. Those that use this term are also quick to respond "the city" when asked where they are from. -note: When asking that question and given that answer, it should be quickly followed up with: "Wow, really? Where'd you go to high school?"
Jen is from Pennsyltucky, but she really embarrasses herself with that BS citygirl act.
BKOG tarafından 23 Ocak 2010, Cumartesi
Top Definition
A female who has little to no knowledge of the country way of life. Typically these females will buy $500 cowboy boots and a dress to go to a major city's rodeo. They don't ride, they don't hunt, they have never stepped in cow pies, they don't go to small town rodeos, they don't drive trucks, can't bait hooks, don't know who Bocephus is, do not own guns, etc. More often than not, they are posers. Citygirl is not synonymous with Yankee. A Citygirl can live in the South her whole life and still be uncultured in that regard.
"Look at that Citygirl over there, I wonder if she tied up her BMW outside before she came in to eat!"

"I'm not a Citygirl! I like REAL country music, like Taylor Swift...who's George Jones???"
LionNessa tarafından 21 Haziran 2016, Salı
an girl that is ghetto who live in a ghetto nehborhood they call "da city"
Bonqueshia is a girl who has a ghetto name and she live in a part of the ghetto which they call "da city"
jelissa jolly tarafından 16 Aralık 2004, Perşembe
for those of us who live outside the city, a city girl is a girl who lives in the city who you hook up with on business or recreational trips to the city. This act is usually done behind the back of a significant other or friends.
I've got a conference in Chicago next Thursday. Will be a nice change though I haven't seen my city girl in weeks.

Bro #1: You taking your girlfriend with you to Chicago?

Bro #2: No way bro, gonna meet up with my city girl.
youknowitson tarafından 28 Ekim 2009, Çarşamba
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