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A really hot chick you'd love to do.
Damn, look at that dime piece!
K.Rad. tarafından 8 Mayıs 2008, Perşembe
A 10 dollar bag of usually sub-par marijuana.
Let's hop in da whip and ride down to Martin Luther King Blvd and cop a Dime Piece.
Chris Chris tarafından 21 Mayıs 2008, Çarşamba
Someone of any sex who is above normal in physical attraction.

See also nickel peice
For instance, in my US II class, Nina said:
"Oh my God! Mr. Brennan is so fine. I swear, he is mad hot. He is such a dime piece!"
Katie_ tarafından 17 Ekim 2005, Pazartesi
A $10 rock of crack cocaine.
"Yo, lemme get a dime piece!"
Allan Dayton tarafından 10 Eylül 2005, Cumartesi
"Dime Piece" is a combination of the words "Dime" and "Piece". It is used to describe the small bits of an american 10 cent coin that has been broken into multiple parts
hey man, i just broke my dime.
"don't worry i have an extra dime piece here"
cool, now i have enough to but some tasty, smooth pudding
Dusitn for Pres in 96 tarafından 24 Nisan 2005, Pazar