A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement. Party.
I'm going to a do tonight
Kate tarafından 20 Nisan 2004, Salı
To engage in sexual intercourse.
Hey honey, wanna do it?
Teh1Wizky tarafından 5 Mart 2008, Çarşamba
Most often this means sexual intercourse, but sometimes it can refer to offing someone, killing them in other words.
Andrewsky tarafından 4 Mart 2003, Salı
1- Act like somebody else; imitate someone
2- Fuck someone
1- Mike: Dude! I got sued because of my last Youtube video!
Rick: No kidding! Did Waylon Jennings get mad at you?
Mike: Yeah! Just because in that video I do him with that southern accent, ya know...

2- Borat: I can do a goat in 30 minutes!
Jason: Wow, you're a real pro!
JamesT-Z tarafından 23 Mayıs 2008, Cuma
Acronym for: Dip Out Early Style

Dip Out is slang for leaving an area.
Yo, can you DOES from school today?
simshadeee tarafından 24 Şubat 2010, Çarşamba
Hairstyle, short for hairdo. (Mainly 80's slang)
when it started to rain my do got ruined.
thundercat tarafından 4 Ocak 2005, Salı
To punch someone excessively hard, breaking the top of their jaw with one swift move.
Kyle: *Punch to face*

Devin: *Face broken*

Crowd: "yo he got D.O.'d"
spiderdude9 tarafından 17 Nisan 2011, Pazar

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