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The equivalent of a Medical Doctor degree in the viewing, evaluating and diagnosing fecal matter found (dump) in a toilet or porta-potty. The Dumpologist can generally determine can generally determine whether said dump is from an adult or child. They can tell whether a dump was deposited from a basketball player who had been picking his ass in a game or practice. The Dumpologist is a highly respected member of the community and is often question as to whether or not a bathroom or porta-potty is safe to enter and what amenities it might have.
Hey Larry don’t don't use that porta-potty near the first base line some dude emptied his entire intestines in there.
Dumpologist: Larry in my opinion that young lad picking his ass at the foul line will be taking a dump in the gym bathroom during the next time out.

Larry: Mr. Dumpologist, I just went to the bathroom and you were right there was a pediatric turd left in the only toilet in the gym. Wow you are a genius! How long did it take you to become a Dumpologist?

Dumpologist: It has been a lifelong obsession to do good in the community and mankind, just ask my wife how many times I have saved her life....
Larrybos tarafından 30 Eylül 2011, Cuma
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