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A blow job performed by Flo, the girl from the Progressive Insurance commercials.
That girl from the commercials isn't that hot, but I sure would take a Flo-Job any day.
Roy Ryan tarafından 22 Mart 2010, Pazartesi
the opposite of a grumpy, when someone tosses your salad while your taking a piss
deano gave me a godly flo job earlier
rmag tarafından 31 Aralık 2004, Cuma
When you sign up for Progressive car insurance and then find out you could have saved more with Geico.
Dude, those Progressive commercials really Flojob a lot of potential customers.
whoak tarafından 7 Mayıs 2010, Cuma
When someone gives you a really good head massage.
I got the best flojob last night from Lauren. It felt great!
Timmmaaa tarafından 27 Mart 2013, Çarşamba
when a girl has a period on partners face
damn we got so drunk last night i though she was going to give me a flo-job
big manny tarafından 12 Mayıs 2009, Salı
the act that a collegiate freshman performs on a brearley or stuyvesant (female) sophomore, inherent upon having sex
samantha: ahh i got my first flojob last nightt
lindsay: worrd?? no wayy girl that flyy
Courtney Alexander tarafından 6 Mart 2007, Salı