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A guitar distortion pedal dating to the 60's. Synonymous with Jimi Hendrix.
Man, the way Jimi cranked that Fuzz Face fucking blew my mind.
Tony tarafından 10 Nisan 2005, Pazar
A novice, or one who is unfamiliar with the customs and traditions of a certain group.
The new employee, being a fuzzface, did not realize he was supposed to clock in his time at the start of the day.
Meliadoul tarafından 21 Ocak 2010, Perşembe
a man with stubble or an unkempt beard
If you weren't such a fuzz-face you wouldn't have a problem with itching when wearing a face mask.
The Return of Light Joker tarafından 8 Ağustos 2010, Pazar
If you resemble Fuzz in any way. (Fuzz is a guy with fuzz hair :|)
Dude 1. Woah, that dude looks like Ad.
Dude 2. Woah, what a Fuzz Face!
Marc tarafından 29 Haziran 2004, Salı
The arbiter fuzz face is a guitar distortion pedal, but it wasn't used by Jimi Hendrix
some guy: Dude did you hear the guitar riffs Hendrix did with his fuzz face?

me: He used an Electro-harmonix Big Muff
guy who knows his shit better than you tarafından 20 Ağustos 2006, Pazar