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Rumor has it that every time there is an awkward silence in a conversation, a gay baby is born.
Jimmy: Yeah so that is what I did with myself last night.

Sarah: Umm....

(Awkward Silence)

Jimmy: Gay Baby!!!!!
JordanMTY tarafından 4 Eylül 2006, Pazartesi
A child born to parents, of whom one or both are gay. Not to be confused with gay baby, a child destined to be gay.
Shelby's dad came out of the closet last year. Guess that makes her a gaybaby.
ZeotheWingly tarafından 11 Aralık 2008, Perşembe
Used to describe an arkward silence in conversation.

"Every Arkward silence, A gay baby is born" is how the saying supposedly goes.
"ooo, a gay baby was just born"
General Spoon tarafından 16 Nisan 2008, Çarşamba
Someone who has not gone through puberty and is gay
Justin Beiber is a gay baby
Sk8rman1000 tarafından 22 Kasım 2010, Pazartesi
when someone pees into the butt of someone else a gay baby is made. women can do it too using funnels.
dude, lauren had sex last night and had a gay baby.
ktizzzzle tarafından 30 Aralık 2006, Cumartesi