A combination of gigantic and enormous. Mostly referring to things that are 50 ft or taller.
The Statue of Liberty is ginormous!
acedancer tarafından 10 Mayıs 2009, Pazar
Larger than gigantic, more massive even than enormous, Jared before Subway (eat fresh!)
Heidi Marks in one ginormus bitch
Q'areem tarafından 28 Mayıs 2004, Cuma
Enormous female genitalia (sometimes swollen due to overuse or infectious inflamation)
I wouldn't go near that cheap hooker if i were you man, that skank has the ginormous going on big time.

You can tell by the way she walks she's ginormous.
JSC tarafından 12 Nisan 2005, Salı
very big. like bigger than big.
whoa. this city is ginormous
sarah tarafından 22 Şubat 2005, Salı
(adj.) 1. Very large
"Laura's brain is the opposite of ginormous; it is microscopic
Katie tarafından 29 Temmuz 2003, Salı
Bigger than enormous but not quite hugantic.
The decorated general had a ginormous heart o' gold.

John Ursal is a ginormous socialist.
Lukey tarafından 22 Mayıs 2003, Perşembe
The combination of gigantic AND enormous
"Yo dog that bitch is GINORMOUS!"
Anonymous tarafından 4 Mayıs 2003, Pazar
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