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The opposite of badong, which is a new stronger word for killing.
Killing is bad and wrong. There should be a new stroinger word for killing, like badwrong or badong. Yes, killing is badong. I shall stand for the opposite of badong.... gnodab
not_michael tarafından 11 Ekim 2004, Pazartesi

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The opposite of Badong also used as the oppsite to the act of killing as killing is bad and wrong, its so bad there should be a new word for it like badong. killing is badong! and gnodab is the oppsite of killing.

To give life - Gnodab
From now on i will stand for the opposite of Badong...... Gnodab!
Garrick tarafından 24 Mayıs 2004, Pazartesi
The opposite of Badong.Originated from Kung Pow. A classic.
Gnodab is a great thing to be.
Zach G. tarafından 28 Ekim 2003, Salı
the opposite of badong or bad-wrong. Hence why gnodab is just badong spelled backwards.
that led zepplica concert was awesome! Some would say it was Gnodab! Douche Canoe's would say it was Badong.
Daniel the tiger of Ra tarafından 7 Ocak 2008, Pazartesi
The opposite of Badong.
killing is badong i will now stand for the opposite of badong gnodab
DA SHIZNIT tarafından 18 Mayıs 2004, Salı
something that is the opposite of "bad" and "wrong", or Badong.
"I will stand for the opposite of Badong... gno... Gnodab!"
Chainsaw Dudley tarafından 31 Mart 2003, Pazartesi
the opposite of bad; good
The opposite of killing is GNODAB!

Wuddup gnodab buddy?
MIMI and KIKI tarafından 5 Eylül 2003, Cuma