When you are arguing with a female and they bring up some silly shit that happened a long time ago. It isn't relevant to the argument but they think it is and on top of that they think they won. I call it green eggs and ham because it's like arguing with Dr. Seuss
Heather: I didn't drink your last beer!
Travis: Yes you did cause there gone what the fuck!
Heather: Well last year you didn't pick me up from work! Ha!
with that over she thinks she has won the argument and usually the guy is speechless or sayin What the fuck! GREEN EGGS AND HAM!
#arguing #bitching #yelling #women #girl
ShootinD5nukes tarafından 2 Aralık 2007, Pazar
Top Definition
1. One of if not THE most famous Dr. Seuss books where Sam I am tries to get this one guy to eat green eggs and ham and ends up loving it. So basically the message is "if something looks weird at least try it"

2. Some retarded sexual position/move made up by people with no lives on urban dictionary because they think they are either clever/funny
1. I will not eat green eggs and ham I will not eat them in a box and I will not eat them with a fox

2. In the green eggs and ham the male ...
#green #eggs #ham #book #poetry
thatguywhomadethedefinition tarafından 14 Şubat 2010, Pazar
When a man shaves his groin and using a sponge applies green food coloring to the penis and scrotum.
I fed her with my green eggs and ham this morning.
#dr. suess #penis #green #blowjob #food coloring
WhiteNinja1077 tarafından 29 Temmuz 2011, Cuma
When you diarrhea your pants and cover your own balls with feces.
Jeff went camping this weekend and unfortunately had green eggs and ham on his hike.
#diarrhea #shit #balls #poopy #goneria
Ajay & Elliot tarafından 2 Temmuz 2010, Cuma
The sexual cooking fetish involving two partners in the missionary position on top of a kitchen table. When the male wraps ham around his member and the woman cracks an egg into her vaginal passageway followed by sexual intercourse. When all the ingredients are mixed to the right consistency inside the woman she pushes the mixture out of herself and onto a skillet in order to cook a bountiful breakfast for the couple. Always grease the pan or skillet before cooking to prevent sticking!
After a long night of drunken sex, preparing green eggs and ham with Bonnie was the perfect early morning fix for my hangover.
#missionary #sex #steamer #vagina #penis #bowtie #bootie #cum
Johana L. Parham tarafından 3 Şubat 2008, Pazar
Key words, or phrase for weed and alchol.
Man, I don't know why, but I really want some green eggs and ham.
#green #greeneggs #ham #weed #beer
fdjkls0123 tarafından 21 Eylül 2008, Pazar
In reference to the classic Dr. Seuss book. Describes a marathon sexual encounter involving multiple positions and locations, be they done or or projected to be done.
1. "Dude! Megan's roommate was away for the weekend, so we just rocked it all over the house - every bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room - it was awesome! We went green eggs and ham for three straight days!"

2. "Damn, could I go all green eggs and ham on that: I would do her on a train, I would do her in the rain. I would do her in the trees, I would mount her on her knees..."
#freak #party #marathon #kama sutra #gatorade
The Evil Steve tarafından 6 Nisan 2010, Salı
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