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Another new hospital drama like House.This one mostly focuses on who's sleeping with who, but it has interesting storylines.
Grey to Shepherd: The line is drawn.
Shepherd: is the line imaginary or do I need to get you a marker?
*stars making out*
theorangejuicemaker tarafından 8 Haziran 2005, Çarşamba
A show on ABC that focuses on interns at a Seattle hospital. Although it's supposedly a doctor show, it mostly focuses on the characters' love lives.
1: did you see the guy with the pole stuck through him on Grey's Anatomy last night?
2: no, I was only interested in what was going on between Meredith and Shepherd.
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the Jamie tarafından 23 Temmuz 2006, Pazar
A television show that every woman in the continental United States never misses.
Girl 1: did you see Grey's Anatomy!
Girl 2: Yes, he slept with her AGAIN!
Girl 1: What was the surgery part again?
Girl 2: hehehe how should I know? Who watches this show for the medical part of it???
#abc #hospitals #grey's anatomy #medical #girls
Tickettotaxman tarafından 30 Kasım 2006, Perşembe
Greys Anatomy, a wicked dramedy show regularly appearing weekly on ABC. The show is cradled by the begining and end narration sequences which often deliver the shows theme, along side award winning acting.

Features sexy people doing smart things and making Brain Surgery look like something you might find in Kama Sutra manuals or People Magazines sexiest list.

Though some might shrug it as another hosiptal drama that is a generic rip off of ER it may be seen as that in some way but, even if so it reigns as the deity of power over all other past and present hosiptal shows.
Greys Anatomy
George:Let's fuck and instead of smoking a cigarette after read up on harlequin fetus!
#hospital #dramedy #er #abc #kick ass
Plastic Soccer Trophy tarafından 26 Şubat 2006, Pazar
a popular TV drama focusing on the lives of several doctors in a Seattle hospital....yes i thought it sounded hopelessly dull, but once you start watching you get hopelessly addicted to their love lives and start wishing that mcdreamy will please just get back with meredith. sheesh. but it's not just all that; if it was just some loserish soap opera i wouldnt have been interested; it focuses also on friendship, family issues, and moral dilemmas in the doctors' everyday jobs and surgeries. i'd say that i like watching the medical parts as much as the hooking up. also, excellent acting, even the minor roles and one-episode patients.
viewer 1: can patrick dempsey just please get back together with meredith??
viewer 2: Oh my gosh, that part about the elderly woman dying of cancer and both her and her spouse not wanting each other to know was so sweet and so sad. i really like grey's anatomy. it's surprisingly good.
#mcdreamy #tv #meredith #mcsteamy #drama #house
avid_fan tarafından 12 Ocak 2007, Cuma
awesome show!
HOTT doctors!
who's sleeping with who?!
why is there a pole stuck in that guy?! will he survive?!
why/how is that man pregnant?! WTF?!
how HOTT is Dr. Sheppard?!!!!!!!!
1.) i love Dr. Sheppard, b/c he is verrrrry hott
2.) i hope Meredith Grey and Dr. Sheppard hook up tonight
3.) i almost cried when Dr. Sheppard went back to his wife, and didn't hook up w/ Meredith Grey
4.) i hope i break a bone soon, or get a pole stuck in me soon, b/c these doctors are HOTTT!
#house #sex and the city #doctor show #the oc #sunday night @ 10:00 pm
crazysexycool777 tarafından 16 Aralık 2005, Cuma
The T.V. show that holds the title for Best Drama, which follows the lives of gorgeous doctors working at Seattle Grace Hospital. This brilliant drama, which airs on Thursday nights, is filled with beautiful and talented actors, fascinating real medical cases, intelligent humor, and steamy relationships between doctors. BEST FUCKING SHOW EVER.
98.4% of married women would leave their husbands for Dr. McDreamy.

You don't watch Grey's Anatomy? You're a heathen.

girl 1: "OMG did you watch Grey's last night?
girl 2: "Nah, I watched scrubs."
girl 1: What? You suck at life! Who the fuck watches Scrubs?

I look forward more to Thursdays than I do to weekends. Gahh I love Grey's!

"I would self induce brain cancer if it meant getting treated by that babe Dr. Shepherd!"

Jack Nicholson watches Grey's Anatomy.
#grey's #mcdreamy #perfect #seattle #doctors #surgeons
katiefuturedoctor tarafından 24 Mart 2007, Cumartesi
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