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The act of making an exaggerated frown in the shape of an upside down "U." Often used when someone is being ridiculed in a joking situation.
While grumping be sure to make your frown as curvy and unpleasant as possible
mmoneh tarafından 16 Kasım 2011, Çarşamba
17 2
To be actively grumpy, in such a way that the person in question is actively making an effort to be grumpy and, moreover, express that grumpiness.
Dude: Harrumph. Grr. I'm so grumpy.
Guy: Dude, why are you grumping like that?
BTKD tarafından 28 Şubat 2011, Pazartesi
4 6
The act of "dry humping" while grinding on a dance floor.
"Yo, that dude is dancing so hard with that chick he's grumping!"
Blowfish3 tarafından 22 Ekim 2009, Perşembe
3 13
Johnson's slow, angry and sad behavior when he's grumpy.
"Why does he seems depressed today?"
"He's just grumpy. He does it really well, too. I woke up today, planning to be grumpy, but it just didn't work out."
"Okay, he's grumping his way over; we can leave now."
abalone gyro tarafından 23 Nisan 2004, Cuma
7 17
a sexual practice involving placing your face inbetween the legs of a corpse and getting a partner to jump hard on the corpse's stomach.
Hey Keith, wanna go grumping tonight?
Kev Fisher tarafından 26 Nisan 2006, Çarşamba
17 33