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Hot From Far Away. Taken from the TV show Scrubs.
MAN1: OMFG that chick has a nice badonkadonk
MAN2: dude, H.F.F.A.!
Man1: oh wow Man2 you totally saved me from making a total idiot of my self. id hug you but im not gay
Man2:...I am
Man1: And i respect your decision to like my badonkadonk
Happy tarafından 17 Haziran 2006, Cumartesi
hot from far away
damn that bitch was HFFA yo, but up close she be dayam ugly!
urmuthafuckinbabydaddy tarafından 26 Nisan 2003, Cumartesi
Hot From Far Away. To find a girl attractive from afar but up close looks like a gorilla.
Damn, that batch looks HFFA, but now that I got a closer look she looks like a dude.
Ali Prince tarafından 18 Nisan 2008, Cuma
Hot From Far Away (usually describing a person)
They(person)look GREAT from a safe distance and then they come closer...and closer...and you wish you never EVER laid eyes on them...

(Girl checking out a 'HOT' guy):Oh damn he's HOT!...oh no...wait...wait... (he comes close....closer)HFFA...*ew!*
Ultimate Angel of Death tarafından 13 Mayıs 2006, Cumartesi
Hot from far away
She was HFFA until I got close then I saw her butter face
CuseTown tarafından 8 Şubat 2009, Pazar