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Jeremy brauns brother (uhh i mean "sister") Naomi
"OMG She's hideous" - Rodger Lohman
mike tarafından 6 Ocak 2004, Salı
your freaking ugly and annoying and you are a poser
example 1
-guys dont i look so cute in this outfit?!

-ew you are hideous

example 2
-yesterday i bought a furby

-wow your really hideous its 2008

melanie kimble tarafından 13 Nisan 2008, Pazar
Similar to the word "nasty" but as in a good way, its used to describe something/someone that just nice at anything, like basketball, drug dealin, fightin ect......
You can't fuck wit a hideous nigga like me.
187Killa187 tarafından 9 Ekim 2006, Pazartesi
A nasty, raunchy bowel movement.
After eating mexican food, I normally have to make a hideous.
stahlout tarafından 15 Eylül 2006, Cuma