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A fairly large town in Suffolk County, New York, where about 98% of the kids smoke weed or get trashed every weekend and most school days (including 7th and 8th graders). The school itself basically sucks and is too strict, and the athletics are either extraordinary or completely suck, there is also a friendly rivalry between the Smithtowns but hated rivalries with boh Commack and Dix Hills... most of the kids are in mixed groups but there is a high percentage of kids who think they are either black, skater or emo.. most of these groups of people hangout with each other regardless of what they think they are. drugs dogs are also frequently roaming the hallways every other week.
Hauppauge kid #1: "yo, u wanna go to a party tonight?"
Hauppauge kid #2: " yea, i heard that some kid is having a few people over but we all know its gunna turn into an open house"
shazzzzzzam tarafından 8 Aralık 2007, Cumartesi
A Upper-Middle Class White Town In The Middle Of Long Island, New York. The Percent Breakdown Would Be 90% White, 4% Asian,3% Spanish And 2% Black. 1% Hindu And Other Minorites. Known As The Pharmacey In The Late Ninties For It's Abundance Of Drugs. Weed Is the Number One Pushed Drug And The Pills And Cocaine Are A Close Second And Third. But For All It's Bad It's Got Some Pretty Decent People. The Parties Are Fun, There Are Assholes But Where Aren't There Assholes. The Only Three Teams With Regualar Good Seasons Would Be Soccer, Wrestling And Lacrosse. The Other Sports Are Very Polar And Have Hot And Cold Years. You Know Your From Hauppauge When Half you Graduating Class Goes To Suffolk CC. You Know Your From Hauppauge When You Get All Your Party Needs On Jericho. You Know your From Hauppauge When You Hate Smithtown Unless They Are Hot Chicks.
Hauppauge Is Pretty Normal
Jonathan R Potts tarafından 5 Aralık 2007, Çarşamba
Middle class white kids that try to act black, also mixed with skaters, and too many emo's. Black kids aren't really "gangsta" but act like they are anyways. The wiggers try to sell pills and weed and the girls are stuck up and whore themselves to the pill dealers.
The Hauppauge football team and the cheerleaders are pefect examples of this.
Gillete tarafından 10 Aralık 2006, Pazar
A town in Suffolk County that has the biggest sluts around. If you ask a girl if she wants a dirty sanchez she will probally say yes.They also have really nice asses Also if you ask them to go have sex with you they also will. 95% of the kids smoke weed and drink everyday and 5% of middle school students arent vigins and 55% have already drank and smoked. The guys of Hauppauge are complete pricks, They have no lives. In hauppauge theres always a party going on somewhere.
Kid from other town: " yo i banged that girl from Hauppauge with the nice ass"
Other kid from other town: " Yo which one?"
Kid #1 : Who cares
konny tarafından 10 Mart 2008, Pazartesi
a small white upper kiddle lower class town full of white italinas acting like guidos with there overy gelled hair and viva italia t-shirts. This town is also refered to as "the streets of paug". The wrestling team dominates in the happauge athletics. Most kids in high school are always drunk/high and 99% of kids can beat up the security guards. Let also not forget the african american population. Most have moved here from the boondocks of brentwood and always seem intimidading."Make it a great day or not......the choice is yours." The kids of this town are also addicted to not only drugs but Arnold Palmer half and half lemonade and ice tea.
hauppauge kid: make it a great day or,,,,
hauppauge kid #2: go smoke weed
jvlervblse\fvbldbe tarafından 14 Nisan 2010, Çarşamba
A play on the phrase "hodge podge" meaning a medley of low-quality video footage put together. Coined by Ars Technica referring to a 24-hour fan-operated Apple channel.
Claiming to be a 24-hour video coverage of Apple News, Rumors, and lifestyle, the network is a hauppauge of content from around the tubes. tarafından 28 Kasım 2007, Çarşamba
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