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White version of "stop talking nonsense, please be quiet, shut up" Black people version of ni*ga shut the fu*k up with that bulls*it.
Tyrone told Jaquan he was gonna make it big like Bill Gates.
Jaquan replied with "N*gga hell up!"
MzD tarafından 27 Haziran 2005, Pazartesi
to shut the hell up
"Bitch, hellup!"
J Spree tarafından 25 Ocak 2013, Cuma
Heard in norfolk/Suffolk, UK. a stand-up row or argument, possibly leading to a fight. More country than urban, but are we prejudiced?
" me and he had a hell-up a while back, but we rub along fine now"
henry nav tarafından 12 Mart 2005, Cumartesi