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A nickname for the name Hikaru.
Hikaru means bright (光)or radiance(輝)in Japanese.
Sometimes the name can be mocked due to it sounding the same as hickey as for a love bite.

It can also be spelt as Hiky
"What is your name "
"Hika..What ?"
"You can just call me Hiki "
hik_hiki_hikaru tarafından 8 Haziran 2013, Cumartesi
3 3
An acronym formed from the first two letters of the names of Fruits Basket characters Hiro and Kisa. Refers to a couple in which the girl is older than the boy (esp. if the boy looks older)
Are you pulling a HiKi on us, getting with your little brother's best friend?
Thr0u6hTh31c3 tarafından 22 Ekim 2006, Pazar
3 26