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To be transported from one place to another while being seated comfortably on the well-apportioned derriere of an elderly woman.
Mertrude, I gotta go to the store, time for some hump riding.
indierockranger tarafından 28 Nisan 2010, Çarşamba

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The only way for a forward thinking, well cultured man of action to travel. By travel of course we mean ride atop the hind hump of a fashionable lady who has surpassed the greater quantity of her years some decades hence.
By jove Mertrude, I must get to the station and send this telegram forthwith, and for a gentleman of my social standing the only method of transport that will suffice for this illustrious task is hump riding.
Mr. Plainview tarafından 20 Mayıs 2010, Perşembe